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Finally, a PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t put you to sleep

Admit it: when someone’s giving a PowerPoint presentation, you usually take a quick glance in the bottom right corner to see how many sheets you have to sit through. And there always seem to be too many, right? This presents an awesome challenge for BB to develop PowerPoint 2.0. Inspiring presentations that share the soul of your brand.

But what is
PowerPoint 2.0?

It’s all about taking the following key aspects into account

Corporate identity

We are brand builders, so we know better than anyone that presentations need to match your corporate identity or brand guide perfectly. Consistent from start to finish, designed with the right fonts, sizes and colors.

Keep it punchy

Avoid the biggest mistake by using only the essential copy‭.

A solid table of contents

Tell your listener exactly what they can expect‭.‬


Think in images. An inspiring image lingers longer and offers a great hook for your story. A purple crocodile grabs attention. But make it high resolution: your products need to be perfectly photographed‭.‬

The right format

4:3‭ ‬is old school‭, ‬16‭:‬9‭ ‬widescreen is the new standard‭.‬


There’s nothing more annoying that receiving a PowerPoint by email with an unusual font that doesn’t work on every computer, or one where the formatting jumps around when you open it. Use a universally-recognized font – one that works with the brand guide, obviously‭.‬

Technically on point

Whatever the size of the presentation, however many images or films it has, we ensure a reliable presentation that works‭. ‬

Purpose of the presentation

Is it a client presentation, a company presentation, a product presentation or a brand presentation? Should it be easy to edit, or vandal-proof? Is it for one use only, or is it the new standard for your entire company?‬

Great! But how
do you get to the 2.0?

1. It can be more fun!

Really. Irrespective of the subject. We can make it more fun. How about clever animations and moving images? (and no, we don’t just mean having the text sail slowly across the screen…). Let us surprise you.‬

2. Where does the road lead:
A PPT you can navigate

A 2.0 PPT is almost an interactive website. Be using clever buttons and an interactive table of contents, it’s much easier to navigate through all the information and to tailor the presentation to the listener.

3. A presentation that shares the soul of your brand

Presenting is really the most expensive form of communication. So you want your presentation to live and breathe your brand. This varies according to the brand, of course. The tone of voice, the right copy, clever animations and moving images ensure that your presentation makes an impact and even strengthens your brand.‬

4. It can be visually impressive

PowerPoint has a businesslike and somewhat dated image with slabs of text, lists and graphics. But It’s actually a versatile platform with countless visual possibilities‭‭.‬

5. You give us the outline and we create a brilliant presentation

As a marketing expert you know exactly what you want to say. How convenient would it be if you could just give an outline of the content, and receive a complete and powerful presentation back in return? Making you ready to hit the market, convince everyone in your budget meeting or help the sales team win a new listing.‬