At Brand Builders, we have our fair share of new dads and mums 🙂 When Friso requested our help launching a new baby formula product for children aged between 1 and 3 in Mexico, we were onboard immediately. What an awesome project!

My first flight

My first love

My first marathon

My first ride

My first safari

The brief

Develop an international activation concept positioning Friso Comfort Next as the go-to brand for children in Mexico with constipation problems, with the possibility to roll out this concept globally. Goal of the concept:

  Increase name recognition

  Increase market share

The first in Mexico

Friso was the first brand to provide a solution to constipation problems for babies under 12 months in Mexico, and in 2019, Friso introduces Friso Comfort Next. An great follow up, with all the relevant building blocks for children from 1 to 3, and which helps constipation.

Proposition and strategy

The strategy is to make use of an instrumental and emotional component to reach the target group, positioning Friso very clearly as the best solution on the market.

Friso Comfort Next is the best formula for children from 1 to 3 with constipation problems. So they can grow up healthy, without suffering from constipation.

The market

We developed a concept for the Mexican market – a market which works very differently to the Dutch market and therefore requires a different approach.

Knowing this, Brand Builders have had extensive contact with the client and researched the market and how to move into it, in order to develop a strong idea.

The target groups

Friso targets two groups: healthcare professionals (i.e. pediatricians) and mothers of children between 1 and 3 years of age. A country as large as Mexico has 12,000 pediatricians, and approximately 2.2 million children are born there each year. A gigantic target group!

No advertising

To protect mothers, no advertising is allowed in Mexico about baby formula for babies under one year old, as breastfeeding is the best option (prescribed by the Mexican government on the advice of the WHO).

Text your pediatrician

There is no maternity support or consultancy offices in Mexico. This means that pediatricians play a very important role. As a mother, you often have your pediatrician’s cellphone number, and you can ask their help or advice 24 hours a day. Pediatricians have quite some influence over parents. What they say is taken as truth. If the little one suffers from constipation problems, then it’s up to the pediatrician which product and brand they suggest to the parents.

This makes pediatricians a very important target group to convince of the quality of Friso Comfort Next and to help sway parents. To this end, we want to build on the authority and reputation of Friso Comfort Next.

Our idea

When you are not even a year old, you are fully engaged in exploring the world. And you have many first times. The first steps, the first visit to the zoo, the first party. You want to be able to enjoy these as much as possible. And at those moments, you don’t want to be suffering from constipation or, as a parent, be consumed with worry about your child.

The idea is to enlarge these first times and show the world from the perspective of the child. The first steps are not just ‘a few steps’ but a complete marathon. Spotting a bunny rabbit is not just ‘seeing a pet’, but a real safari.

Rational idea

We have chosen to show the first times of a child and to contrast the joy that accompanies this with the pain caused by childhood constipation. This not only clarifies what our proposition is, but also elicits emotion and recognition. Telling the story from the perspective of a child creates impact. The tone of voice and effect of the images is modern and attuned to the modern mother.

Complete 360 communication and activation of the concept

A good idea demands the perfect execution, and a good translation into the specific requirements and goals of the individual medium. And – obviously – in Spanish.

Mood film and online campaign

A film that communicates the Friso proposition, but which can also be used as a campaign to reach both the mother and the pediatrician. Different situations which children experience for the first time were translated from the storyboard into real-life visuals and clips. In collaboration with Lukkien, we researched the perfect locations and settings with a Mexican feel in the Netherlands, the right models and the right circumstances. It was perfect (Mexican) weather, shot within a few days and finalized in just a few weeks, from casting to the final edit.

Brochures and online materials

We developed a variety of materials to support the campaign which provide extra background information about the Friso brand, the complaints associated with constipation and the solution offered by Friso Comfort Next. These materials are targeted specifically at pediatricians, as well as mothers.


Based on the core values of the brand, we developed gimmicks for the waiting room which enable waiting children and parents to get to know Friso Comfort Next in a lighthearted way. The waiting room is an important touchpoint in the customer journey.

Here you can see items such as a reward system with stickers and stacking blocks.

Convenient toolkit

To ensure that everyone can get started with our campaign in Mexico, we developed a convenient toolkit. Practical and complete. It contains background material about the brand, tone of voice, the communications strategy and the concept, but also all the materials and how they can be used.


A smart and winsome 360 campaign that starts from one strong idea, but reaches two different target groups. A clever online strategy ensures mothers are reached. And a multimedia campaign informs and activates the health care professional, the pediatrician.

Maaike Ruijter – Marketing Manager Infant Milk Formula

I’m super happy with the result: a complete campaign that fits perfectly with the Friso brand and can be implemented not just in Mexico, but worldwide. From the first pitch, the Brand Builders team has hit the right note and this is reflected consistently through all materials. ¡Muchos gracias!

Saskia Bleijswijk – Regulatory affairs

Brand Builders has thoroughly understood the complex constraints imposed by legislation, very well done!