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Sales need a name and a face

A strong brand name gives your company an advantage; it’s easier to remember, simple to pronounce and says what the brand stands for. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the right name before you start building a new brand.

A brand name also needs a strong identity. A good identity positions, communicates and sells better. An identity that comes from the very heart of the brand, and expresses in colour, shape and style what the brand stands for. The identity is the brand’s anchor, in analogue and digital. It’s always authentic and easily recognised.

Brand Builders develops identities that sell:

  • Sulfree brand name: more than 6,000 clients
  • PeterPrint brand name: €700,000+ turnover
  • Foodmaster: successful franchise for fastfood restaurants
  • Nedap visual language: recognisable and distinctive

Brand name

We develop brand names, product names and take care of brand registration.

A brand name development is the cornerstone of a strong brand

Brand name creation is one of the most strategic, positioning and lucrative investments you can make. A strong brand name differentiates, is short, clear, easy to spell and tells a story. A well-conceived brand or product name has brand value, and creates a common theme for PR, storytelling, advertising and other communication. In creating a name, brand name security and domain availability are important aspects. With our clear, step-by-step ‘brand name creation’ plan we develop strong, creative brand names that sell.

Updating your company’s corporate identity? We develop visual identities from the ground up. The brand concept or idea is translated into the right visual identity. A good corporate identity reflects the personality of your brand. By corporate identity we mean your Brand identity, Icongraphy and tone of voice. A clear and straightforward identity is an indispensable component of a consistent brand policy. We develop visual identities and implement these through all channels and resources.

Visual identities

Visual identities that show what your brand stands for

Identities we created for our clients

Nedap Livestock Management

Nedap Livestock Management makes farmers future proof

Looking for a new name, strategy, house style or image concept?

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