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Packaging that stands out on the shelf

Packaging on the store shelf has just a few seconds to seriously grab attention, be eminently clear and also build your brand. This makes packaging design a critical part of the sales process. Take a look at all the products on a supermarket shelf and ask yourself:

  • What is this product for?
  • What is the brand?

You’ll be surprised by how unclear a lot of packaging is. Even though a consumer spends no more than 4 seconds per individual package.

A consumer also never just sees a single product in isolation. They look at the shelf from a distance, and see the colours and patterns of different products. Only when a certain pattern grabs attention, do they look closer. That’s why we always look at the shelf in its entirety, too.

Brand Builders designs packaging that sells.

New packaging

Packaging design as an important in-store activation tool

Packaging design is one of the most important consumer activation tools at the shelf. Smart design ensures brand recognition and product recognition. This helps consumers navigate quickly and easily to your product. But good packaging design also activates, and is a brand building tool. We know all about this. In our view, packaging is one of the most important touchpoints in the ‘path of purchase’. We design packaging that sells.

Need a line extension for your packaging? Already have the design but need a smooth and smart translation for an additional flavour in an existing line, for example? We design and produce efficient line extensions with a clear design, the right packaging photography, handy mock-ups through to complete execution and file delivery. We design line extensions which strengthen the packaging concept.

Line extension

Line extension for your packaging concept


Updating your packaging design

Could your packaging use an update? Do you have something new to communicate on-pack? Maybe your packaging needs to provide new information because legal regulations have changed? Or do you want to make a clearer on-pack claim that your product contains less sugar, by using smart text or a clever panel? We help you keep your packaging up-to-date and use simple tweaks to boost your sales.

Packaging we designed for our clients

Durex 90 Years

Durex 90 Years

Verpakking en activatieconcept Durex 90 jaar

The new Verkade heroes!

The new Verkade heroes!

New Verkade kids packaging



New Premium Packaging


Premium Consumer Packaging


Mona Easter range: immediately sold out

Packaging with power?

Susanne knows how!