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50% of shoppers walk away from the shelf without purchasing

Your campaign has to make the difference in-store. The formula is always simple. Forget long messages. Short communication with a powerful key visual and logo. And with the relevant support of sampling and through to in-store entertainment.

In-store communication has the largest influence on shopper behaviour (48%)

In-store communication has the largest influence (48%) on purchasing choices, according to research by Decision Analyst. 23% of shoppers make impulse purchases (Wharton University). Why the discrepancy? Tough negotiations between retailer and producer means that at the end of the day, time and budget often don’t allow for the extra mile.

Brand Builders develops in-store communication for a large number of FMCG products. These include in-store activations with promotional teams, such as premiums, point of sale material, promotional websites and promotional themes. And we take care of the whole process, from briefing, photography, copy, execution, printing management to social media support.

Activations that sell:

  • Campina Farm Days in-store activation: 122,189 visitors
  • Chocomel parcel boat, the in-store success of the Sinterklaas holiday
  • Start your own orange orchard with Appelsientje


Point of Sale (POS) campaigns that cleverly build your brand

Point of sale materials are the most activating in-store tools available. Whether it’s translating an existing campaign or concept into a smart shop floor activation, a second placement, POS materials or the development of a new in-store or POS campaign. We develop shop floor campaigns which tempt the consumer and trigger them to purchase. We think from the perspective of the shopper and the consument. We understand how to optimally turn an existing idea into successful shop floor communication. Good in-store communication ensures your brand values are represented on the shop floor, but also that your product is noticed and sells. We design smart and impactful POS campaigns that sell.

Shopper activation is the most important part of consumer marketing. How do you ensure that within 3 seconds of arriving at the shelf, the shopper decides to purchase your brand? We develop smart in-store activations that help tempt the shopper during the ‘path of purchase’ with distinctive shopper activation concepts. Call us to develop complete in-store campaigns which make smart use of the various touchpoints, connecting online and offline, with unique brand-activating premiums and offers that ensure engagement and conversion on the shop floor.


Shopper activation that sells and builds your brand

Instore activations we designed for our clients

Appelsientje 100% pure

Start your own orange orchard


In-store presentations that score?

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