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The power of repetition

In a world of ad-blockers, Netflix and television you can rewind and fast-forward, it can seem impossible to get your message across as easily as you used to. The target audience is everywhere yet nowhere, and prefers to avoid all commercials. Using one form of media is no longer an option. You need universal visibility. In shops, online, on TV, radio, outdoors, on the packaging and preferably – if the product allows – through sampling. Naturally, the message also needs to be tailored to the moment, the medium or the user. So it can’t be avoided!

Brand Builders develops complete, 360-degree campaigns based on one, strong idea. An idea that can be translated into all channels and media. Because that’s an essential element of a strong idea.
From development and elaboration to production, Brand Builders handles it all.

  • Huls. From no social media to 25,000 fans on Facebook
  • Carbonell Olys. From unknown oil to a fan base for healthy children’s nutrition
  • Strathmore Paper. “a strong basis laid for a successful introduction into the European market.”

360° campaigns we have developed for clients

15% conversion on a full funnel LinkedIn ad campaign.

Friso – Comfort Next Launch

Friso – Comfort Next Launch

Comfort Next Launch

Carbonell Olys

Van unknown oil to a fanbase
for healthy (child)nutrition.

Time to complete the circle? Go for a 360º Campaign!

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