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Online campaigns that convert

Online goes much further than just a good idea. For many of our clients, it’s the essence of their organisation.

We develop online campaigns with a combination of approaches. From websites, apps, social media to online campaigns. A successful website means a visitor knows immediately where they are, what’s available to buy and why this is different compared to other providers. It stimulates their curiosity and they’re encouraged to act.

The success of online campaigns which convert can no longer be captured in one single strategically-planned idea. Online behaviour is always changing and the consumer is getting smarter. So: measure, analyse and optimise, continuously. This makes it critical that online activities seamlessly match our clients’ processes and data. Success doesn’t just happen, you need to keep building it.

Brand Builders develops online campaigns that sell:

  • Verkade Facebook activation: more than 30% above target
  • FrieslandCampina: 13,000 people get a free carton of milk
  • Sulfree: twice nominated as website of the year

Websites and apps

Designing websites that stand out and tell a good story.

Webdesign is more than just a pretty design for your website. It’s a well-thought-out idea of how you can tell a story and sell your brand online. It starts with the right online targets and strategies, which are translated into a clear, functional design. We help clients develop complete websites, including functional design, targets, personas and graphic design, the right tone of voice and clearly written copy. We design websites which tell a strong and distinctive story, a story that lingers and converts. We’re not technical website builders, our partners take care of that. But we definitely understand how to make technology work for you.

Online activations and social media campaigns which contribute to the core values of the brand. But where possible (and desired), we also focus on high conversion. We manage the execution of social media strategies, and monitor and adjust as necessary.

Online activations and social media

We develop online activations that build the brand but also convert.

Video and animation

Video is increasingly important for online performance. We develop video scripts, animations and produce in-house. For large-scale productions, we work with specialist production companies.

Powerpoint 2.0

We can help you develop Inspiring presentations that share the soul of your brand. Presentation you won’t fall a sleep!

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