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Advertising is often essential for effect

Advertising is frequently critical to creating brand awareness. Even online conversion increases when you’re visible in the streetscape. And the effects of offline campaigns are also immediately felt on the shop floor.

The effect of advertising increases when you know its pitfalls and limitations. You first need to get attention by being noticeable, but you also need to convey a message.

That’s why every medium has its own requirements. Outdoor advertisement requires clear, punchy messages. TV campaigns also need to be effectively used as online preloaders. And advertisements can also be old-fashioned tempting. We don’t just do online; the traditional mix is also a speciality of ours.

Brand Builders develops multimedia campaigns that sell:

  • Mona Mia Billboard: spontaneous brand recognition of 97%;
  • Carbonell TV commercial: 20% growth in market share;
  • Desserts Day outdoor campaign: Mona distributes 15,321 desserts.

Radio and TV productions

We ensure that commercials stand out and count.

TV commercial with an idea

Commercials that convey the right message, and build your brand within 15 seconds. A good commercial starts with a good idea. We develop commercials for radio and television which require less media, because they stand out more.

Outdoor campaigns that tell the whole story in a split second

Billboards, posters, spectaculars…. We still love outdoor advertising. You can communicate directly to the target group. Good outdoor advertisement is hard to ignore. Make sure the message is simple: no long texts or complicated puzzles. We develop outdoor campaigns with impact.

Outdoor advertising

We develop outdoor campaigns that you remember indoors


Your brand’s promise on an A4 piece of paper.

Advertisements with a clear message and promise build your brand. Whether it’s a new theme, a special offer or trade marketing. A good advertisement sticks.

Campaigns we created for our clients

Nurofen Commercial

TV Commercial Septemberrush

Dettolpharma TV commercial

Dettolpharma TV commercial

TV Commercial for #1 brand in Belgian Pharmacies

Mona Dessert Day

Mona distributes 15,321 desserts

Advertising that can't be missed?

Judith can tell you more!