Campina Custard

From ‘old-fashioned’ custard to fun together at the dinner table. Campina Custard: more than 78 million cartons sold.


Make Campina Custard a popular dessert again.

Campina Vla pakken

Packaging idea

Parents like to enjoy eating together with their children. But with so many phones around the table, it’s harder than ever. How do we start paying attention to each other again? And how do you get a good dinner table conversation going? We transformed the good old custard carton into a modern conversation starter.

Vlablabla Logo

The leading idea became: Vlablabla (vla being Dutch for custard). We came up with an editorial concept headed up by Professor Vladimir with lots of jokes, games and puzzles. This increases the time taken for dessert at the table, and makes the experience more fun.



Together with children from the target group, an editorial board is compiled for Vlablabla. The kids help determine the topics, check whether the jokes are actually funny, and test the games. This is no childish undertaking: there are six different cartons, each with their own on-pack magazine. Every four months, the magazine content of all cartons is renewed.

From the very first cartons, the sales effect of Vlablabla was clearly apparent. This led to expansion of the concept to the entire dessert range. Under the moniker ‘DessertChat’, all other Campina dessert cartons were successfully restyled.


One of the favourites appears to be the character Vladimir. With each new release, Vladimir undergoes a metamorphosis and in doing so adjusts to the new theme.

Campina Vlablabla pak
Campina Vla Schap AH
Vladimir Ufo

Vlablabla results

The fun stories and jokes proved themselves to be an excellent sales pitch.

  • 3% specifically purchased Campina Custard because of Vlablabla
  • And 11% indicate buying more custard now because of the fun packaging. In total, more than 78 million cartons of custard were sold. We’re pretty sure we’ve earned our dessert.

In totaal gingen er al 78 miljoen pakken over de toonbank. Dus wij hebben ons toetje wel verdiend.

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