Koopmans Professional


A 15% conversion rate through a full funnel ad campaign on LinkedIn.

At Koopmans Professional, they are not sitting still. They launched the online campaign “Be inspired”. Not only to inspire existing customers, but also reach potential customers. But how do we reach new customers and inspire current customers?

The question

‘Let yourself be inspired’ is the name of a new campaign aimed at professionals of different hospitality types. In this campaign we show that Koopmans has a solution for everything, where convenience comes first. The campaign will initially focus on the two updated mixes.

To create a better baking result, Koopmans improved the recipe of the churros mix. In addition, they expanded the range with a vegan pancake mix, which, by the way, is not only used to prepare pancakes.


We developed a full-funnel strategy for Koopmans Professional in which we developed a campaign from the See-Think-Do methodology. In this campaign, we started broadly and then specified further and further towards the Do phase.

Campaign content

Each phase of the customer journey requires different content. In the See phase, brand awareness is very important. Therefore, the goal was to create as wide a reach as possible. The images we used for this were aimed at loading the two categories.

Therefore, we started with still images introducing the brand and product. In this case, Koopmans Professional and one of the two sweet mixes.

In the Think phase, we created animations that inspired the client about the uses. They could also calculate their returns and download a recipe booklet on the website. The goal, then, was as many website visitors as possible.

In the Do phase, we split the campaign; a campaign targeting the churros mix and a campaign targeting the pancake mix. We retargeted the audiences based on their interest and interaction with one of the categories. This led to a conversion rate of over 10% above benchmark.

Results by phase

We zijn gestart in de See-fase, waarin we 248.313 profielen bereikten. Vervolgens heeft de Think-fase 551 website bezoeken opgeleverd, dat leidde tot een CTR van 0,44% en dat is boven benchmark. Tot slot leverde de Do-fase een conversiepercentage op van ruim 19%. Er hoog als we kijken naar de benchmark die op 1,5 tot 4% zit. In totaal leidde dit tot 70 conversies.