Especially for all little

Unfortunately for all the little farmers-in-the-making, the Campina Open Farm Days couldn’t take place on the farms this year. Brand Builders decided to go ahead anyway, but at home instead. And Campina responded enthusiastically to this idea.

This year, together with Campina, we organized the Campina Home Farm Days. The Campina farmers opened their farms to visitors for almost two weeks. Online. In COVID times, no one is looking for (even) more digital things to do. Families and children are already overwhelmed and busy enough with school and the difficult situation we find ourselves in.

That’s why we helped Campina ensure that families can enjoy the outdoors close to home. Because the farm can be experienced also in your own backyard, your front yard, even on your balcony or in your living room. We help you learn by doing and experiencing, happily together.

Welcome to Jan and Paul’s farm

We developed this fun platform within 3 weeks. From idea to total development. Through edutainment, we show the comings and goings on the Campina farm, and use fun assignments, games and questions to explain where Campina milk comes from. This means we also show participants that Campina farmers give extra attention to their cows, nature and the climate.

The tour begins

During the virtual tour, farmers Jan from Benschop and Paul from Son en Breugel show us around, using enjoyable vlogs. They give us a peek in the stalls, in the meadow and in the farm.

Fun assignments and games

Every part of the farm has its own fun assignments and games to do from home, so you learn about everything, from grass to glass. From spotting insects in your backyard to assembling birdhouses at the kitchen table.

Physical fun with
Dafne and Epke

Campina’s ambassadors Dafne Schippers and Epke Zonderland are there too, to cheer you on as you take part in a milky way race, a super cool obstacle course!

Ssshhh… forester Ruben is telling us something!

Campina and Natural Monuments have joined forces to strengthen Dutch nature on and around the farm. This collaboration needed to form an impressive part of the Campina Home Farm Days. And so it did!

Forester Ruben from Natural Monuments was happy to join in and teach the families at home about which animals, plants and flowers can be found in the meadows.

At the end of the online event, all participants
received a fun souvenir.

A photo of themselves as a Super Farmer! 

Davine Janssen, Brand Activation Manager Campina:

When we found out three weeks ago that the Campina Farm Days couldn’t go ahead in the spring of 2020, I never would have dared to dream that we could offer a virtual alternative in such a short time. In no time, Brand Builders visualized and developed their idea into a concept which we could use immediately. We’ve been in constant communication over the last few weeks and have exchanged countless emails, but always with a smile and full of enthusiasm. The online environment that has emerged from this, is bursting with fun and educational elements, which really give you the feeling that you’re visiting the farmer. Hopefully both teams can come together for a non-virtual toast to this fun project in the near future!

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