Carbonell Olys

From an unknown oil to a fan base for healthy children’s nutrition. Carbonell introduction campaign: +22% more volume


Introduce the new oil blend Carbonell Olys, and develop the international brand proposition ‘healthy’ in the Netherlands.


Everyone wants children to eat healthily. The new oil blend from Carbonell (with grapeseed, soy, rapeseed, fish and olive oils) was specially developed for this purpose. The fatty acids in Olys help children grow better. This insight pointed the way to a clearly positioned campaign.

Carbonell Olys Meike

Meike became the ultimate ambassador for Olys.

She’s a credible nutrition expert, as well as mother to Liz and Sem.

We built the entire communication around her persona.

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Carbonell Olys iPad Blog

Through her blog, she inspires mothers and children to enjoy eating healthy food together again.

And this message was successful. Using a broad content agenda, social media and bloggers, reach was rapidly accrued.

Carbonell Olys iMac Blog

Encouraged by this success, Meike and Olys hosted their own pop-up store in Amsterdam’s high street, Kalverstraat.

Carbonell Olys Pop-up Store Kalverstraat
Carbonell Olys Pop-up Store Kalverstraat
Carbonell Olys Pop-up Store Kalverstraat
Carbonell Olys Pop-up Store Kalverstraat

We also built a YouTube channel, with promotional 15 second TV commercials[SC6] .

Watch the making of

Great results were achieved through sampling at Centre Parcs, in-store activations, Olys aprons and numerous coordinated, clever on and offline activities.

Carbonell Olys Logo

The results of the campaign:

  • Carbonell market penetration from 3.7% to 6.7%.
  • Consumer profile significantly younger.
  • Significant increase in Olys name recognition and intent to buy.
  • Significant increase in brand value ‘healthy’.
  • Market share growth of 20%, exclusively by Carbonell Olive Oil & Olys.