Everyone loves Mona desserts. But during holidays, they’re a touch too ordinary. At these times of year, the consumer is tempted by more luxury desserts. Together with Mona, we developed an exclusive Easter range, with design taken care of by Brand Builders.

Mona 1


Easter is turning into a new annual culinary high point. Attention is also shifting from Easter brunch to Easter dinner. We took this into account in developing the new design. That’s also the reason we didn’t opt for traditional Easter colours, yellow and green. We went all-the-way chic, with luxury packaging and a luxury dessert that forms the pinnacle of the Easter dinner.

We replaced the well-known Mona ‘red’ with an elegant black styling. The luxury, tempting style of photography emphasises the premium feel.

Mona 2
Mona 4

The black packaging with gold foil gives the packaging extra class and presence.  Appropriate serving tips are included inside. This transforms an everyday dessert into a luxury dessert for a special holiday.

Sold out before Easter!


The new packaging with its luxury and festive appearance forms an addition to the Mona range. The sales results exceeded all expectations. Mona’s Easter range was sold out before Easter.

Mona Toetje

Packaging with power?

Susanne knows how!