That feels good! The new Sultana website


Sultana has new packaging, new brand values and is totally up-to-date. The new website went live at the same time as the new packaging was introduced. And that feels good!

Sultana. That feels good.

Sultana’s new tagline says exactly what the website has to do. Feel good. Cheerful, positive, but also responsible and above all service oriented.

Sultana’s website is primarily visited by consumers who have questions, want to know more about the products or want to take part in an offer. In other words, no hard conversion to sales. Practical information has to be easy to find.


But we also want to make all these visitors even bigger fans of Sultana, so we connect them to Sultana’s social channels.

That looks good.

Alongside a functional website, we also want to build a website that looks awesome. The new packaging artwork from Brand New Design forms the inspiration to design a fresh, enjoyable website.

Sultana. Of course.

The natural colours ensure that Sultana doesn’t have the overly cheery, sweet feel which it used to. Beautifully full, natural colours, alternating from photography and patterns to strong typography produce a website for today: clear, pleasant and hip.

Sultana. Always within reach!

Reina and Brenda from Consumer Care are also involved. The new integrated chat function ensures more interaction with the consumer, more service and hopefully more happy Sultana fans. Because it’s always nice to see who you’re chatting with, right?

Curious about the site?

Take a look