Nedap Livestock Management

Nedap is a global market leader in the field of identification and heat detection for cows. They use their technical knowhow to improve livestock welfare, and for better management systems for the farmers.

The branch is highly technical. This meant that in communication, we quickly lost sight of the traditional farm atmosphere. For Nedap, we developed a positively differentiated style. This links the relationship between technique, human and animal.

When deciding on the image style, we elected for sunny, warm photography, with the positive feel of the rising sun. Nedap Livestock Management gives farmers peace and overview, and that’s exactly what the photography exudes.


Nedap makes the welfare of the cattle more transparent. Advanced technology is used to measure whether the animals move, eat and drink enough and whether they are warm, for example. From this data, the farmer can see whether an individual animal feels good. This enables them to take timely action. ‘Make your farm future proof’.


The images of Nedap are used globally; from trade fairs through to the website. They ensure a high level of recognition and a unique style.

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