Holland Matjes is a start-up in herring, with a focus on the German market. They’re looking to revitalise the old Dutch herring tradition. Away with the old fashioned, and in with a modern, new approach.

For the identity, we connect the old with the new. We tell the classic story of the old Dutch herring history.

But we do so with modern verve and simplicity. We took all the tough, sailors’ symbols of old. Then we had them modernised by a Dutch tattooist worthy of the toughest sailor: Tattoo Bob. Connecting old with new.

The typical blue ink of the tattoos contrasts sharply with the white background. From a distance, the letter H is clearly visible. From close up you see the nuance, and with this the whole story. The simple blue, red and white colour coding connects the brand with the tradition of ‘Holland herring land’.


Holland Matjes is a very modern brand that draws its strength from an age-old Dutch tradition. It was a success in Germany from day one.

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