Durex has been around for 90 years, but there’s always more to do. More than two-thirds of Dutch people still don’t use a condom (2018). We want to encourage safe sex in the Netherlands and Belgium with an iconic celebration pack. Which will need an activation campaign, of course. Preferably one that becomes a discussion point at all Dutch and Belgian office water coolers.

A Party Outfit

Especially for the Netherlands, we developed a Delft Blue-style packaging, with a naughty edge. Sayings on tiles with a wicked tint, together with a Delft couple that goes further than just kissing. This results in a packaging to make every Dutch teenager grin – and maybe even feel a bit warm

Greek style, Russian style, French style, Italian style, Turkish style… Half of Europe has a position… But not the Netherlands! We call on all our fans, users and admirers to join the search: what’s Dutch style?

During this campaign, we ask the entire Netherlands to vote for a Dutch style. What will be our national position? We inspire and activate. And we are super curious about the final score;) (Video is in Dutch)


In addition to its fries and chocolate, Belgium is also known for its cartoonists. A recognisable look and feel for our southern neighbour’s celebration pack. And the national symbol, the Manneken Pis, is central to the packaging.

Durex has been around for 90 years. We want to celebrate this in Belgium… but where? We ask the whole of Belgium to help Durex find the ultimate Belgian location to throw a party. Under the Atomium? Behind the Antwerp train station? Or perhaps on a canal in Gent.