TVc for the
number 1 brand in
Belgian pharmacies

About Dettol

In the 1960s, Dettol was the official disinfectant used by Belgian hospitals for sterilising wounds, the skin, surgical instruments and also surfaces.

New products

Dettol is launching a new product range for pharmacies, with lighter and fresher scents than the Dettolpharma Original to appeal to new consumers.

The target group

The concept of disinfection is most important to expecting
and new parents. They want to keep their house as safe as
possible, so their babies and children can play on the floor safely.

The idea

As a mother you know the importance of a clean and healthy
house. As a pharmacist, you know that Dettolpharma is the
best product. That’s why we introduce an authority: the pharmacist,
who in addition to working at the pharmacy is also a mother.