The request:

Nurofen Fastine*, one of Reckitt Benckiser’s brands, uses a fluid capsule to ensure fast relief from headaches.

And we were allowed to use our heads to brainstorm on how to convince the Dutch to choose Nurofen for headaches. Until now, the TVCs were always made in the US and didn’t really connect with Dutch culture. How can we Dutchify the message without losing the connection with the global brand identity?

September rush!

Everyone is home from holidays and has to return to work, the kids go back to school. This transition from holidays to the September ‘rush’ can cause headaches just when you don’t have time for a headache. And when you don’t have time, you want a quick solution. Tada……
That’s also why the commercial was aired in September.

Fast vs slooowww

Sometimes the choice is obvious. The choice for fast, of course. To reinforce the speed, we show two options in rapid succession in a split screen: Fast vs slow. This makes the choice easy. We use images that all have to do with the ‘September morning rush’.

What a morning!

There’s not enough time in the mornings… no time to make a good-looking sandwich… no time for slow coffee… definitely no time for a huge traffic jam. Ugh… Not to mention those unruly kids!

Behind the scenes

In addition to several stock videos for fast vs slow, we shot additional footage in Lukkien’s studios. We handled everything as efficiently as possible: a single day of shooting, a self-directing camera operator, producer, sound technician, makeup artist, stylist, a top-notch studio team, a living room built in the studio, a blue screen, 3 children, two pillows and 2731 feathers.


To capture the hecticness of a busy morning in one image, we show the mother sitting at the breakfast table, with all the stimuli around her triggering a headache you want to get rid of as quickly as possible. This is the final shot of the commercial and we also photographed it for use in the POS and advertising.

*Nurofen Fastine Liquid Caps 400 mg, capsule, soft. This is a medication: the active ingredient in this medication is ibuprofen. Not for use: for stomach complaints, for asthma, in combination with anticoagulants, during the last three months of pregnancy, for a body weight under 40kg or for children under 12 years of age. Read the instructions on the packaging prior to purchase. KOAG-no. 2559-1119-4599.