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Not just some juice

Did you also enjoy Tropicana while on vacation abroad? It’s delicious, right? But there’s a little problem: Tropicana had long been just one of the many juices on the juice shelf. In other words, not distinctive enough. They thought so too, which is why it was time for a new positioning. And that new positioning is sharp, razor-sharp. It needs to be seen. It needs to be experienced. By as many people as possible. And that responsibility lies with us, Brand Builders.


Recently, we started setting up various online campaigns and managing social media for Tropicana Belgium. How are we allowing (potential) customers to experience the new positioning? We’ve taken on the conceptual translation to the shop floor and social content. For the campaign, we first mapped out the target audiences and fine-tuned the objectives accordingly. We developed the campaign and social strategy. And of course, we created all the content for the advertisements and organic deployment.

Tropicana has chosen us for our extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of the Benelux markets. Our proven track record in creating campaigns and shop floor communication, positions us to amplify Tropicana’s new identity. With a keen understanding of the region’s preferences and trends, we are excited to bring Tropicana’s revitalized positioning to life and connect it with the hearts of consumers across Belgium.

Curious about the results and other activities? Stay tuned 👀 The first campaign is nearly complete!