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How do you stand out in the sea of content?

Content. You’re inundated with it every day. And yet you easily filter out the best content. Maybe you share it with friends, give it a like, click on the associated link or suddenly think of that brand from that great content when you make your next purchase.

How do you make sure your content triggers any of the above actions?

1. Be relevant

Make sure your content is relevant to your target audience at the time you post it. Sharing a summer recipe while it’s snowing is not really relevant. Find out what your target audience is doing at that moment and tailor your content accordingly.

For Arriva’s Spitsmuis campaign, we create relevance by adapting the communication message to the time of travel. Communication during rush hour is different from communication outside rush hour.


2. Be recognizable

Make sure your content is recognizable. For example, use a common situation, jump on a trend or discuss a frequently asked question.

The Shrew campaign responds to recognizable moments in public transport. Being able to sleep off your hangover in peace, tinder without people watching and more.


3. Be shareable

Last but not least, make sure your target audience wants to share the content! Sharing content = increasing reach. If you do this well, you create a large reach without paying (extra) for it.

An important part of the Shrew campaign is the matching snapchat filter. Suddenly you see what it’s like to be an outside-the-shrew. With really big ears. Perfect for sharing with friends.