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Tag. You’re it. It’s your turn to pitch!

Brand Builders flips the script with the reversed pitch. It’s not us, but you as a brand manager or marketer who gets the opportunity to challenge us. Whether it’s a rebranding, a new packaging line, or a social media campaign, present us that creative challenge. There’s something to gain here! €15,000 worth of agency hours to put our fantastic team to work for you. Submit your ultimate creative project now!

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Not the agency, but the client pitches!

Pitching. We all know it. The ideal way for brands to compare agencies and receive a lot of creative proposals. And for agencies, it can be a golden opportunity. We can expand our brand portfolio and secure a ton of new projects. But it also takes time, a lot of time. Because we always aim to deliver something dazzling. Something that widens your eyes, quickens your heartbeat, and instantly excites you. We’d like to switch things up and sit on the other side of the table for once, so we’re reversing the roles.

So… a reversed pitch. Just because we love doing things a little differently. And we admire brands with guts. We invite brand managers and marketers to pitch the ultimate creative challenge to us. The type of project is entirely up to you. From a complete rebranding, a new packaging line to a catchy social media campaign; as long as we get plenty of creative freedom.

Alright, it sounds fun, much fun, but what’s in it for you?

€15,000 worth of agency hours for the development of a creative concept. The perfect opportunity to experience the power of our agency and put our kick-ass team to work for you. Free of charge.

Step 1 is to submit your creative offer

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If it gets our hearts racing, we’ll invite you to send us the complete brief!

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